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Confusing Words by Stephen Curtis

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An audience is a group of people who are listening to (and watching) something such as a play, a film, a concert or a speech.

– The whole audience stood up and cheered.

– How many people were in the audience last night?

A spectator is a single person who is watching something such as a sport event or a procession.

– The ball was retrieved by a spectator and play began again.

– Few of the spectators realized that they were witnessing a historic event.

A single person in an audience is called a member of the audience.

– We had to stop the show when a member of the audience was taken ill.

You do not use the word audience to refer to the whole group of people who have come to watch a sports event. The people watching a sports event is called the crowd.

– The crowd started to boo as the players left the field.